About Ultra


Our company offers high quality, dependable and economical solutions for the wide spectrum industrial products and materials in paralel with customer goals, principles and targets required by defence sector, different units of the Turkish Armed Forces mainly Turkish Air Forces as to prevent high procurement cost and difficulty to procure from variety of sources.

Our aim is to perform the customer satisfaction as soon as possible.

Our company handles the following acticities by aiming to supply high technolgy products as per the international standards :

· Training and general purpose helicopter
· Helicopter sale, maintenance & repair, supplying spare parts, equipment & accessories
· Aircraft maintenance & repair , supplying spare parts, equipment and accessories
· Mobile ground power units (GPU) for air vehicles
· Ground support equipment and test devices
· Preventing systems for helicopter and engine vibrations
· Solutions for electronic integration systems
· Battery powered towing systems for aircraft and helicopters
· Supplying any kind of metal and aluminum for air vehicles
· Supplying industrial products and accessories